Makep Brush Cleaner

Joy Lorraine Cosmetics
$ 5.00 USD
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Discover our Makeup Brush Cleaner and quickly remove color from your brushes with our reusable doubled-sided black sponge.

Size: 1.34 oz. (38g)

What it is

A makeup brush cleaner featuring a reusable double-sided sponge that allows for quick color removal from brushes without the need for water. The detachable black sponge offers a dry-cleaning option as opposed to wet cleaning, enabling the brush to be reused in as little as 3 seconds after cleaning. The sponge can be cleaned with soap and warm water. This product is cruelty free and paraben free.

How to use: Gently glide the brush across the sponge in a sweeping motion from one side to the other until the color is completely removed.

  • Quickly remove color from brush
  • Reusable double-sided black sponge
  • Convenient travel size lightweight container
  • Washes easily with soap and water

Double-sided reusable black polyurethane sponge contained in a lightweight, rust-proof, round tin.